For Weeks 2 & 3, here is the wish list.

I Tom Chou
1) Title: Tracking hematopoietic stem cell lineages in rhesus macaque
2) 30min or 45 min in Week 2 (but not Friday)

II. Thomas Höfer
1) Title: Regulation of T cell memory development in vivo inferred from single-cell data
2) Keywords: Single-cell fate mapping and transcriptomics, Stochastic models, Inferring regulation by antigen, Neutral drift
3) Powerpoint
4) 30 minutes

Grégoire Altan-Bonnet
1) Title: integration of short/transient molecular response into long/functional response amongst lymphocytes
2) Keywords: single-cell, signaling, gene regulation, modeling
3) Blackboard hopefully, powerpoint if lazy
4) 30min

Oleg Krichevsky
Diffusion-consumption kinetics and dynamic compartmentalization in cytokine communication
Keywords: Cytokine, diffusion, regulatory T cells, interleukin-2, concentration field screening.

Rob de Boer
1) tentative title: Modeling erosion of naive T cell repertoire diversity
2) Keywords (topics of discussion): repertoire, aging, stochastic model, Hubbel's neutral model.
3) blackboard presentation vs powerpoint: powerpoint
4) long (1hr): mostly discussion hopefully

Becca Asquith would be happy to speak (though not in the first few days as I'd need to prepare it).
Medium length with slides would be ideal. I will send title and keywords shortly.

Ken Duffy
For the prequel of Phil Hodgkin's talk > should cover the experimental side
1) Tentative title: T cell stimuli integration at the level of clones.
2) T cells, costimulation, immune regulation, an algebra of tree addition.
3) pdf and some blackboard
4) Medium to long.

VIII. Amir Erez
1) Title: Antigen Regulation of T-Cell Proliferation
2) Keywords: activation, proliferation, CD8, inhibitor, interleukin-2
3) Powerpoint
4) 30-60 minutes depending on available time and interest. Would fit well with Phil Hogkin and
Ken Duffy's talks but can be on a different day.

IX. Eric Matsen

X. Thierry Mora

Arup Chakraborty
1) Two problems at the intersection of immunology and evolutionary biology
3) talk of either 30 min or 1 hour - you pick.

Armita Nourmohammad
1) tentative title: Within-host co-evolution of the chronic viruses and adaptive immune system
2) keyword: HIV-antibody arms race, emergence of broadly neutralizing antibodies, population genetics & co-evolution3) powerpoint4) 30 min

XIII. Anton Zilman

XIV, Paul François
1) Title:
Inverse problem approach for (immune) ligand recognition
2) TCR, self/not self, antagonism, evolutionary spandrel
3) Can do blackboard or powerpoint
4) 40 mins or so
This has to be during Week 2

XV. Simon Frost
1) Title: 'Mechanistic insights into antiviral immunity'
2) Innate immunity, cytokines, repertoire dynamics, influenza, HIV
3) Powerpoint (actually, HTML)
4) 30 mins or so

+ Introduction to programming in "Julia" (1hr - Friday afternoon)

XVI. Benny Chain
1. Title :Interpreting the T cell receptor repertoire
2. Key words : T cell receptors; machine learning; bioinformatics
3. PowerPoint
4. Medium or long; I am flexible

V. Alan Perelson
Title: Post-treatment Control of HIV and the Effects of Reversing Immune Exhaustion
Keywords: HIV model, effector cell model with exhaustion, bistability, effects of anti-PDL1
Blackboard accompanied by a few slides with data on them
Long preferred so I can explain basics of HIV modeling and current state of the art as well as recent results